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My Tongue




March 2011

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March 2011

My Tongue

Psalms 45:1 My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
What will you write with your tongue today?


I still feel grief, pain and sorrow
I feel the same way as yesterday
A good friend called me today
And gave me encouragement to help me find my way
it was just what I needed to get through today
It amazes me how a word can change
your life and give you direction as you steer through the night
I feel much better now the words helped sooth the sorrow,
the only problem is there still remains


Tomorrow we will lay my friend to rest
I will try to keep my composure I will do my very best
You see I was his Pastor not only his friend
So tomorrow I must speak words of comfort so that hearts can mend
I will mention his ruff and tumble ways
And talk about his likes and how he spent his days
We will reminisce about his life as we reflect on the victories and the strife
As I speak the stories will unfold about this mans life and the mysteries untold.
Mystery! You say, I plead the fifth no controversy today
You see his life spoke for him is what I will say
A man of honor and valor anything else just doesn’t matter
He finished well; he ran the race even though at times it was hard to keep up the pace
It doesn’t matter how you run as long as you finish
The race isn’t to the swift and neither to the strong
It’s given to the one who endures to the end
The one who accepted Christ blood to cover his sin
So I will conclude my sermon with and invitation to the rest
Is their anyone among you who will stand up to the test
Is their anyone here willing to give it their best
And run the same race that my friend just won
By Pastor Jacob Chambliss
Dedicated to Deacon Tilford Patterson


I lost my friend yesterday
Words can not express how I feel today
Suddenly gone I am still in disbelief
My heart is stricken with pain and grief
My fountain of hope comes from what I believe
That the savior Jesus he did receive
In the bosom of Abraham is where he will be
In the Garden of Eden where there are fragrant trees
A crystal clear river issues from the throne
Where a meeting is being held between him and God alone
Well done thou good and faithful servant as he is handed a stone
A name is written on it that no one else has known
He is ushered off to his new and beautiful home
A city with twelve gates and every precious stone
I guess I haven’t lost him after all because I know the address of his home
I am going to visit him one day but the date is now not known
When I will see the saviors face and stand before the throne
I hope to receive what my friend did a precious name written on a stone
Ill move in down the street from him in a mansion I’ll call home
We will have quite a reunion as we walk on a street paved with gold
We will laugh and dance and dine because of the greatest story ever told
The story of Jesus Christ who gave us a city of Gold
By Pastor Jacob F. Chambliss
Dedicated to Deacon Tilford Patterson
Agnus Dei
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